How to grow a healthy email list, send better emails, and be a smarter email marketer!



Email Marketing may be the oldest player in the digital marketing game (the first email sent traced as far back as the 70s).. but it sure ain't the most outdated.

In fact, with over 3.5 billion users to date, and an estimated 3,800% ROI, and about 72% of consumers preferring to receive promos via email instead of social media, you can say that email is more powerful today than ever.

Given its ability to reach consumers in the most personal and intimate level (their email inbox!) smart digital marketers know that email marketing is a crucial investment to make and should be in the core of their strategy, whether for B2B organizations or consumer brands, whether multi-national companies or startups. 

However, not everyone is winning at email marketing. Spammers are everywhere and consumers have become very picky and careful in choosing which brands are worthy of the precious space in their email inbox. Getting permission and gaining trust should therefore be treated with a level of intention and creativity.

In this ebook, you'll learn how to grow your email list in a legit and effecient way, how to send emails that users actually open, read, and love, and how to be a smarter email marketer.